Professional biological supervision ensures a permanent and stable operation process.

The BIK has its own laboratory and works further government testing facilities together. Close cooperation with research institutions and universities makes it possible to successfully apply the latest insights from fermentation tests with different substrates and conditions in practice within a short time.

Currently, many biogas plants are biologically supervised by the BIK lab. Our services include, among other things:

  • Initial consultations with on-site visits.
  • Start process and biological commissioning support.
  • Biological process support all types of systems (enery plants, manure or waste treatment plants, others).
  • Process analytics (residual gas potential, trace elements, organic acids FOS/TAC (free organic acids/lime buffer, dry matter content, loss on ignition, nitrogen, etc.)
  • Feedstock analysis and digestate analysis.
  • Documentation and qualified coverage of examination and laboratory results.
  • Independent advice for the use of additives such as special trace element mixtures, iron supplements and excipients.
  • Optimization of degradation processes with continuous increase of the biogas plant and energy efficiency.

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